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Sri Lanka, National Nutrition and Micronutrient Survey 2012

Micronutrition deficiencies are important public health problems in Sri Lanka. Available data indicate the importance of anaemia and vitamin A deficiency based on which interventions have been implemented. However, recent data on important micronutrient deficiencies are limited except for iodine deficiency. Hence the need for a comprehensive assessment of the micronutrient status of vulnerable groups is a priority. The objective of this assessment was to determine the prevalence of anaemia, iron deficiency, Vitamin A deficiency, calcium, and zinc deficiency among preschool children aged 6-59 months and to determine the district level prevalence of wasting / thinness, stunting, underweight, overweight and obesity among preschool children aged 6-59 months, children aged 5-18 years old, women of 18-59 years, (non-pregnant women) and men 18-59 years old.

Results of some components of the study are presented in this report, which is Part I of the report on findings of the micr...

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