Humanitarian Topographic Atlas
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High-quality and up-to-date topographic maps covering the areas with WFP field operations.

Humanitarian Topographic Atlas (HTA) is a project developed by the Emergency Preparedness Branch of the UN World Food Programme, for supporting field operations during humanitarian crisis. The primary goal of HTA is to create a high-quality, detailed, highly readable, up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing topographic maps covering the areas with WFP field operations.


The maps produced by HTA are primarily based on open data, and feature both contour lines and relief shading derived from SRTM data. Hydrographic features, roads, place names and all other map features are from the OpenStreetMap project. HTA maps are updated automatically on a regular basis. Therefore, the map may represent the data from the OpenStreetMap database at date and time when the map has been updated.

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In case your area of interest is not covered by HTA project, you can request a particular Country to be mapped with scale 1:100.000, or a particular City with scale 1:3.000. Please fill the form or write to for more information.

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