ICA Afghanistan, 2016 - Landslide Risk, 2013

This layer contains information about the landslide risk estimated during the Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) run in Afghanistan in 2016.
Data source: UNEP/UNISDR Global Assessment of Risk (GAR), 2013.
The key indicators used for the analysis were the percentage of surface area affected by landslide risk and the maximum expected frequency of landslide events.

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landslide , ica_2016
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information pertaining to earth sciences. Examples: geophysical features and processes, geology, minerals, sciences dealing with the composition, structure and origin of the earth s rocks, risks of earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, gravity information, soils, permafrost, hydrogeology, erosion
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Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
Dist_Name District name NA
Prov_Name Province name NA
Dist_ID District code NA
Prov_ID Province code NA
AreaLSRisk Landslide affected area NA
PercLSRisk Percentage of landslide affected area NA
PercLSCLAS Percentage of landslide affected area, reclassified NA
LSMaxFreq Maximum frequency of landslide events NA
LSMaxCLASS Maximum frequency of landslide events, reclassified NA
LandSRISK Landslide risk NA
LandSCLASS Landslide risk, reclassified NA
LS_Text NA

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