ICA Burundi, 2014 - Natural Shocks Risk

This layer contains information about the combined natural shocks risk (flood, landslides and droughts) - by livelihood zone - estimated during the Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) run in Burundi between 2014 and 2015.
Data source: Stratégie Nationale de Prévention des Risques et de Gestion des Catastrophes – Plan d’Action National 2012-2015, UNEP/UNISDR GAR 2009, HQ VAM Analysis of NDVI data 1999-2013.

Cette couche contient informations regard le risque des chocs naturals co...

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natural shocks , ica_2014
Geoscientific Information
information pertaining to earth sciences. Examples: geophysical features and processes, geology, minerals, sciences dealing with the composition, structure and origin of the earth s rocks, risks of earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, gravity information, soils, permafrost, hydrogeology, erosion
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Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
LZ_Code Livelihood zone code NA
LZ_Name Livelihood zone name NA
FloodClass Flood risk, reclassified NA
LS_Class Landslide risk, reclassified NA
FL_LS_Risk Rapid on-set shocks risk NA
FL_LS_Clas Rapid on-set shocks risk, reclassified NA
Dr_Class Drought risk, reclassified NA
NS_Risk Natural shocks risk NA
NS_Class Natural shocks risk, reclassified NA
NS_Text NA

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