ICA Niger, 2018 - Estimated Numbers of Food Insecure People, 2013-2017

This layer contains information about the numbers of food insecure people - by second-level administrative unit - estimated for the purposes of the Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) run in Niger between 2017 and 2018. The analysis was a joint effort between the Regional Bureau in Dakar (RBD) and the HQ GIS Unit and Programme division.
Data source: Food Security Monitoring System (FSMS), 2013-2017.
The main indicators in the shapefile are the percentage of food insecure population...

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Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
adm2_name Department name NA
adm0_id NA
adm1_id NA
adm2_id NA
st_area_sh NA
st_length_ NA
pop2016 Population in 2016 NA
FI_Class Recurrence of food insecurity, reclassified NA
FI_Text NA
LTPlanPop Estimated number of food insecure people for long-term planning NA
MostVulPop Estimated number of most vulnerable people NA
AdInsecPop Estimated number of additional food insecure people in case of a major shock NA
AdInsecTex Estimated number of additional food insecure people in case of a major shock, reclassified NA

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