Active Tropical Storm Tracks

This layer depicts active tropical storms. The track shows the estimated direction of the tropical storm's track.
The data come from GDACS (European Commission Joint Research Center) and further analysis is applied by the WFP OSEP GIS.
The layer is updated automatically. If there are no active storms, no data are displayed (pink tiles).

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Vector Data
cyclones , tropical storms , adam
Geoscientific Information
information pertaining to earth sciences. Examples: geophysical features and processes, geology, minerals, sciences dealing with the composition, structure and origin of the earth s rocks, risks of earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, gravity information, soils, permafrost, hydrogeology, erosion
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Maintenance Frequency
Data Is Repeatedly And Frequently Updated
Supplemental Information

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Layer WMS GetCapabilities document

Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
name Name Name NA
link NA
alertlevel Alert level Level of alert NA
ts_name ts_name ts_name NA
release_tm Release time Release time NA
process_tm Process time Process time NA
datasource Data source Data source NA
event_epis NA
htmldescri html Description html description NA
link_dashb Dashboard link Link to the dashboard NA
link_table Table link Link to the table NA
st_length_wkb_geometry_ NA
gdb_geomattr_data NA
shape NA

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