Global WFP Facilities

This layer contains the WFP Facilities such as Country Offices, Sub-Offices, Field Offices, Area Offices, Humanitarian Response Depots etc. Along with the location of the Facilities other information are provided such as WFP Region, status (open/closed), location precision etc.
Any attributes which are blank or '0' had no data entered at the time of release. Its possible to contribute by giving your inputs at hq.gis@wfp.org.

Publication Date
Vector Data
world , facilities , offices
positional information and services. Examples: addresses, geodetic networks, control points, postal zones and services, place names
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Maintenance Frequency
Data Is Updated As Deemed Necessary

Mapping WFP Facilities World-wide

Supplemental Information

Main fields in the attribute table:

Status (Open, Closed, Planned, Unknown)

Type of facility: (Antenna Office, Area Office, Communications Office, Cou...

Spatial Representation Type
vector data is used to represent geographic data

Layer WMS GetCapabilities document

Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
gdb_geomattr_data NA
place Place Place of WFP facility NA
facility Facility Type of facility (sub office, country office, Regional Bureau etc.) NA
status Status Status of facility (open, closed, planned, unknown) NA
iso3 Iso3 ISO3 code of the country NA
iso3_op Iso3_Op ISO3 code of the country (separated with a character '-' or ',') NA
country Country Name of country NA
locprecision Locprecision Location precision (accurate, approximate, bad, GPS reading, unknown) NA
latitude Latitude Latitude NA
longitude Longitude Longitude NA
wfpregion Wfpregion WFP Region of the feature (RMB, RMC, RMD, RMJ, RMN, RMP) NA
nat_staff Nat_Staff Number of national stuff NA
int_staff Int_Staff Number of international stuff NA
lastcheckdate Lastcheckdate Date of the last check of all (or a part) of the attributes NA
remarks Remarks Remarks related to the facility NA
source Source Source of information (e.g. CO, HQ etc.) NA
createdate Createdate Date of creation NA
updatedate Updatedate Date of update NA
geonameid Geonameid Geoname ID of the closest village/town from the Geonames NA
shape Shape Geometry NA

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