Global Supply Routes

Global supply routes for Transportation of Food and Non Food Items - Roads, Railways, Waterway, Airways.

This layer is built by linking origin/destination locations using the most direct route on main roads. In reality, the supply routes can divert from the ones displayed here depending on many local factors. The routes shown in this dataset are only indicative and have to be used as such.

The dataset is made by the combination of various sources such as OpenStreetMap, Goog...

Publication Date
Vector Data
roads , transportation
means and aids for conveying persons and/or goods. Examples: roads, airports/airstrips, shipping routes, tunnels, nautical charts, vehicle or vessel location, aeronautical charts, railways
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Maintenance Frequency
Data Is Updated As Deemed Necessary

Mapping Global Humanitarian Corridors

Supplemental Information

Additional information related to the different fields of the layer.

createdate timestamp without time zone: Date when the feature has been created. Calcu...

Spatial Representation Type
vector data is used to represent geographic data

Layer WMS GetCapabilities document

Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
nameportion Name Portion Portion name of 1 part of the corridor (origin - destination) NA
routetype Route Type Corridor/Route type: Unknown, Road, Railway, Sea, Air, Waterway NA
routeclass Route Class Corridor/route class: Unknown, Primary, Secondary NA
namecorridor Name Corridor Name of the main corridor (Entry point until EDP) NA
iso3 ISO3 ISO3 code of the country where the feature is located. This field is calculated automatically at the database level NA
iso3_op ISO3_Op List of ISO3 code (separated with a character '-' or ','). Use to quickly filter the data for the features of interest for 1 operation. 1 feature could be located in 1 country but be an asset for the operation of another country NA
wfpregion WFP Region WFP Region of the feature (Calculated automatically from the geometry) NA
status Status Supply route status: Unknown, Open, Closed, Planned NA
surfacetype Surface Type Surface of the supply route (only for Roads type) NA
surfacecondition Surface Condition Surface condition(only for Roads type): Unknown, Good, Average, Bad NA
seasonal Seasonal Is the route impacted by seasons?: Unknown, Yes, No NA
practicability Practicability Practicability of the route (only for roads) NA
distancekm Distance (km) Distance (in km) NA
traveltime Travel Time Travel time in minutes NA
transitcapacitymt Transit Capacity (MT) Transit capacity in MT that the route can handle NA
shapelength Shape Length Calculation of the length NA
lastcheckdate Last Check Date Date of the last check of all (or a part) of the attributes. The date has to be specified manually during the edits NA
remarks Remarks Notes/Description/Remarks NA
source Source Source of the information. It could be the source of the geometry or the source of the main attributes. Several sources can be accepted for the same feature(list of names) NA
createdate Create Date Date when the feature has been created. Calculated automatically at the database level while saving (commit) the edits. NA
updatedate Update Date Date of the last update. Calculated automatically at the database level while saving (commit) the edits. NA
gdb_geomattr_data NA
shape Shape Geometry NA
route_freq NA
provider NA
last_hub NA
vessel_count NA

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